Lewis Brown

Poet & Facilitator

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in a decade of working with words, it’s that they can do many things. Enrapture an audience. Sell a product. Celebrate your achievements. Inspire other people to amazing creativity of their own.

As a poet, performer, copywriter and editor, I can help you harness that power for your project or business.

“Our words can make it happen.”

I am a skilled writer, performer, facilitator and proofreader, seeking opportunities to lead creative projects, support new writers and enrich the already vibrant culture of arts, poetry and business in my home of the North of England.

My written voice is highly engaging, with a range that includes the personal, comedic, unsettling, entertaining and emotionally charged, and has the adaptability to suit a wide range of marketing, non-fiction and other practical functions.

My Experience

Just like me, my work speaks for itself.

Performed at: Newcastle Poetry Festival, The Late Shows, Lindisfarne Festival, Born Lippy, Out of Your Head, BBC Radio Newcastle, Hammer & Tongue National Poetry Slam, CUPSI 2016, UniSlam 2016, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Published in: The Selkie, Far Off Places, Coin-Operated Press, The Cadaverine, Quotidian Literary Magazine.

2012 – Present: Writer & Performance Poet
2016 – 2020: Freelance Copywriter + Editor
2020 – 2023: Web Content Manager
2017 – 2020: Marketing Communications Specialist

MA Creative Arts Practice, Newcastle University
BA English Language and Literature, Edinburgh University

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